Summer Vacation; Cautionary time for mothers!

Summer vacations are on. And predictably, your children are excited for this is the longest vacation they get to enjoy. It is a time when their daily routine goes for a toss. Long hours of play and frenzied activity often throw children’s lives out of gear; undesirable practices like skipping meals and ignoring basic hygiene become the norm. Have your child’s vacations started on this note too? If yes, how well prepared are you to deal with this situation?

Be careful… Probably, your children would have started indulging in their favourite pastimes ignoring their daily routine such as impromptu holidays, casual day outs-the most thrilling experience they crave to have etc. Naturally, these fun-filled activities give your children immense pleasure but in turn these create problems for both of you. So what you need is to be a bit careful having an eye over their activities.

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