The following tools and machines are selected very carefully by our workers. These tools and machines will be a great help for those who are beginning to learn carpentry.

  1. The impact driver

If you are the beginner of carpentry, you should have the best impact driver in your workshop. Due to its typical features, you can save a lot of time to do other things. You can use an impact driver to screw or drill the harder and thicker wood easier as it has a hammer support force.

2. The circular saws

Circular saw is one of the best flexible machines that no other machine can do the same, especially in carpentry. When being used with a straight caliper, the circular saw will create perfect cuts compared to the table saw. And in some special cases, for example when you want to cut plywood or fiberboard, the circular saw becomes a useful tool for you. If you start a small carpentry company with a little budget, the first tool you should have is circular saw. I am sure that it will be your right hand on the journey to learn carpentry.

     3. The drill

Compared to a wireless drill, the wire drill is flexible, useful and suitable for the beginners of carpentry. In addition, the price of corded drill is more acceptable than a cordless drill. You should consider carefully about the designs and usages of all kinds of the drill before deciding to buy in order to have the best selection. There are some typical features need to focus such as: can the drill top switch the rotate or not? How about the size of drill top? Is it a twist drill top, solid drill top or hole drill top?

  1. The planers

The planers are the tools to handle the surface of wood products. In order to have a flat and smooth surface of wood products as you want, you should look for the proper planers to buy. You can also create curves or angles in the wood products by the planers. Besides, you can make the details become closer by the planers instead of a filing machine. In order to accomplish these tasks, you should remember to keep the blade always sharp and you should sharpen the blade if necessary.

  1. The sawmill

A sawmill is the next machine you should buy. It helps you to make round or curve lines. You should change the blade of sawmill when it is necessary.

  1. The polishing machine

A polishing machine is a tool that any carpenter should have in their workshop. With its help, you can polish the wood products most quickly and easily. The polishing machine usually follows its round circle or it can move forward or downward depending on the round or square surface of the wood products. The polishing machine can clean all dirt spots, wood chips. Especially, it can remove paint layers of varnish layer in the surface of wood products. You should pay attention when using the polishing machine in the pattern of wood because it can blur the decorations of the wood products.

  1. The wood router

The router is a tool to shape the edges of the wood products. The router will cut the products with the depth you set up. You should buy the router with a capacity at least 2 kW. Otherwise, the router will be overloaded when it works with hard wood. In order to have the satisfied design, you should select the appropriate blade.

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