Summer Vacation; Cautionary time for mothers!

Summer vacations are on. And predictably, your children are excited for this is the longest vacation they get to enjoy. It is a time when their daily routine goes for a toss. Long hours of play and frenzied activity often throw children’s lives out of gear; undesirable practices like skipping meals and ignoring basic hygiene become the norm. Have your child’s vacations started on this note too? If yes, how well prepared are you to deal with this situation?

Be careful… Probably, your children would have started indulging in their favourite pastimes ignoring their daily routine such as impromptu holidays, casual day outs-the most thrilling experience they crave to have etc. Naturally, these fun-filled activities give your children immense pleasure but in turn these create problems for both of you. So what you need is to be a bit careful having an eye over their activities.

Improper hygiene costs! What happens when children casually enjoy their summer vacation-they tend to ignore basic hygiene because they are swayed in the momentum of their enjoyment overlooking what and how they touch the things, eat and drink?

It is to be noted here improper sanitation and hygienic practices have a bearing on the cognitive development of children. Failure to follow the proper hygiene practices leads to infections to diarrhea. As a result, vital nutrients get drained out from the body, affecting cognitive development.

Preventing infectious diseases in children is, thus, of paramount significance if child cognitive developmental deficits are to be addressed. Not to mention, every year, over 200 million children under 5 years of age in developing countries fail to reach their full cognitive potential.

Ill-timed meals cost

Children always tend to ignore their meals out of the joy of revelry since the sensorial delight they derive from their frenzied activities gives them different kind of satisfaction. But at the same time, the harm they bring to their body is always more than the sensorial delight they crave for. In the long run this affects the cognitive development of children.

Disruption of studies… In the wave of enjoyment, children deliberately neglect their studies which otherwise affect their academic performance. The wave of merry-making empathize the children towards their studies. This is another potential loss. Here the role of mothers becomes crucial that they should have a check over their other activities so that their study might not suffer.

A note of caution for mothers!

What mothers need to be cautious about during summer vacation is to have a routine eye over their children, and ensure their routine is not disrupted. And also teach them-the basic hygienic practices properly because ‘children are germ magnets’. They lack an adult’s abhorrence of unsanitary behaviours, such as putting their fingers in their mouths, coughing into their hands and picking their noses. Many would prefer to jump in a mud puddle than a bath, or would rather rub their hands in the dirt than under a faucet of running water. So what! Your little caution will make your child’s health intact-the need of hour.

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