What Are the Top log Splitters, which are currently used in Woodworking?

It is worth stating the log splitters are the machinery used to split hardwood, firewood and softwood pre-cut log.  Moreover, the best log splitter is powerful, however compact. Usually, the log splitters are rated by force ton which they produced. The more the force rating, the larger the thickness/length of log rounds it is able to split.

Moreover, log splitters for the home use have an estimated rating of ten tons, while specialized log splitters model normal at twenty-five tons power. However, the best log splitters can save energy and time; not all the risks involved in splitting logs are reduced.

For the safety viewpoint, various hydraulic splitters have double handed maneuvers that require the use of both hands while operating the machine, thus there is a minor chance of getting one’s hand in a way of blade.

Reviews of Top Log Splitters

Before selecting the log splitters, people have to access their needs so they can make a perfect choice. Moreover, below mentioned are the top three best log splitters, which are currently available in the marketplace along with the detailed description of their performance and features.

Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter

This log splitter is considered as the best and famous log splitter in the marketplace, when we talk about price and strength. Moreover, the automatic ram of this log splitter permit people to cut through woods of different kinds without being stuck. Boos, Industrial log splitter is the strongest log splitter. The single-handed operation of this log splitter is quite easy to maneuver & is able to cut woods horizontally.  Even if logs has several knots & is complex to split in a single go, then an automatic ram would take out the machine instantly, so people can try splitting from a new angle.

Features of Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter

  • It has an automatic ram return.
  • It has single-handed operation and two horsepower motor.

WEN 56206 Electric Log Splitter

This incredible electric log splitter is a best splitter under the range of $300. Wen log splitter has double horsepower and AMP 15 motor, which can supply approximately 11,000 pounds of the force. It simply means that people are able to split evenly the log as long as 20” & as wide as 10”. Moreover, this amazing wood splitter has 4*4” drive plate, which is attached to ram, & it pushes a log splitter into machine wedge that splits a log rapidly, evenly and efficiently.

Features of WEN 56206 Electric Log Splitter

  • It offers 2 years warranty card.
  • It has double-handed operation, so hands can stay clean of ram.
  • This log splitter has built in log frame in order to keep logs stable for smooth splitting of the logs.
  • It is quite portable with 6” tires and two comfort control handles.

POW R Kraft 65575 Electric Log Splitter

When it comes to the quiet performance, then this electric log splitter is considered as one of the best and top rated log splitter. It can also be regarded as quiet log splitter. This log splitter is very effortless to operate, as it demands double-handed operation. It has AMP 15, three horsepower motor that gives double speed. People can go for the rapid four-ton log splitter or power setting of seven-ton power split, which is considered as an ideal combination of efficiency and speed.

Features of POW R Kraft 65575 Electric Log Splitter

  • It is able to split woods measuring 12” in diameter & 20” in length.
  • It has double operating speed.
  • It has two-year warranty.

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