What costumer says about the Shark Vacuum Reviews Ratings?

It is worth stating that all the information, which is given in this article, is based on the 7,882 analyzed reviews of the customers. As everyone knows, that selecting the best vacuum cleaner is not an easy task. I have researched some of the extremely famous shark models, which are currently available in the market in order to make user’s decision less confusing.

Moreover, to narrow this challenging field, I have looked at expert opinions from review websites for instance CNET, sweet home and good housekeeping. Beside this, I have analyzed reviews of the users in order to see what customers were saying about several qualities of each vacuum cleaners & are saying about shark vacuum reviews ratings.

During this research, I recognize that users always look for distinct features in vacuum cleaners so I scored customer’s observation on numerous features to best models including their excellent performance on rugs and hard areas.

My Personal Analysis

My scores range from the low of one too high often. Here is how I formulated them:

Total Score

It is worth mentioning that total score reveals critic’s approval with every vacuum cleaner in ten main groupings including how well a vacuum cleaner cleans across several surfaces, durability, ease of use and noise.

Ease of Use

It is vital to mention that this score shows critic’s approval with vacuum cleaner’s ability to maneuver including its cord length & weight, the whole process of cleaning & emptying it out & whether it was considered effortless to operate.

How well it cleans

Readers should know that this score shows critic approval with vacuum cleaner’s performance on hard floors and rugs including vinyl, tile and hardwood. Moreover, it also considers their approval with the vacuum cleaner’s ability in order to clean up remains and pet hair.

Shark Vacuum Cleaner Reviews Ratings  

  1. Shark NV501

It is worth stating that the multipurpose Upright Shark NV501 is just like a number of vacuums in an exclusive package. Users can easily use it as an upright, separate lift away shell for movability of hand vacuum cleaner or employ a hose & turn it into container vacuum.

  1. Shark Rotator NV752

With its effortless maneuverability, mechanical lift away function, which permit users to break off the rod & use the Rotator more like the container & pet upholstery device, this rationally priced driving force hold the second number in the shark vacuum reviews ratings.

  1. Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106 Cordless

This incredible vacuum cleaner offers powerful suction and matchless performance on both hard flooring and carpeted floors. It has a quite motor thus the level of noise is truly amazing.

  1. Shark NV22L

This specially designed lightweight upright shark NV22L features a removable hose in order to clean stairs & several other tough to reach areas, large & easy to clean dirt container and powerful suction. Users really like its performance on stairs and rugs.

  1. Shark Rocket HV301

It is vital to state that a lightweight, corded shark rocket vacuum cleaner shifts from the great stick vacuum cleaner to the hand vacuum cleaner with a single push of the button, thus making it an ideal vacuuming tool for various surfaces including stairs, floors and car interiors.

Shark Vacuum Cleaner Buying Tips

Some of the most important appliances including vacuum cleaners must not be impulse acquisitions. It is advisable to ensure that selected model always meets your needs & budget by simply considering the below-mentioned categories.


Users can purchase the top vacuum cleaner ever made however if they are unable to lift it easily, it is not going to do them much good. It is wise to try out models at the bricks & mortar before making the final decision.

Particular Uses

If user’s home has several decorative moldings, prioritize the model, which effortlessly cleans crannies & nooks just like NV22L.

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