Which Penny board brand is the best choice for you?

The beginning of the Penny board is actually originated form the Penny Australia brand. Until now, they still also manufacture – probably – the best types of Penny Board and then distribute them all over the world. Nevertheless, the original Board of Penny Australia brand unfortunately is a little bit expensive for the users if we compare with other well-known brands. Thus, there is a wide variety of alternative brands on the market which could provide cheaper and more affordable Penny Boards in a decent and high quality.

Penny board with nice designs: Penny Australia brand

For those users who place great value on fancy or decorative designs and the highest quality on the market, and also are willing to spend a bit more money, they have to take the Penny Board of Penny Australia brand into consideration. Penny Australia manufacturer provides a lot of beautiful and impressive designs, some of them are more simple and ordinary, while others are very incredible and extraordinary. It is obvious to me that the Penny Australia brand is greatly well known and could be considered to be the best manufacturer on the market. For this reason, I will high recommend and suggest the Penny Board of Penny Australia brand to anyone (regardless of new users or experienced users) who would like to get an unforgettable experience in the free time or summer vacation. It is simply the best brand (but not the most affordable one) for cruiser board.

Penny board with affordable value for money: Ridge brand

For those users who pay more attention to the value and price for money and look for a Penny board for cheap, I strongly recommend and suggest the Penny Board of the Ridge brand. You could get it for about 60 USD with the 22 inch Penny Board or for about 63 USD with the 27 inch Penny Board (Nickel Board). The value of the cruiser board of Ridge brand is nearly similar to that of the original boards of Penny Australia brand, but the board’s prices are only a third. They do not have as fancy designs as Penny Australia brand, but the Ridge brand provides a lot of various combinations and colours with coloured wheels for the users to choose. In my opinion, the Penny Boards of the Ridge brand are the best option for those people who have a tight budget but still want to use a high-quality Penny board.

Various Penny board brands

There are a lot of well-known brands in the market that offers even cheaper and more affordable prices for Penny Board than Ridge brand does. You can buy the 22 inch Penny Board for about 35 USD to 40 USD. Those brands of Penny Board are often not as well made and good as these of Penny Australia brand or Ridge board, but they are still very good and have a great value for your tight budget as well. However, you have to be really careful and cautious because there are a lot of Penny Boards which are less than 40 USD and are definitely scrap. If the Penny Board of Ridge brand or Penny Australia one is too expensive and costly for you, then I strongly recommend and suggest you to choose either the Penny Board of Sun Boards, Boss Board or Eight Bit brand. Those 3 well-known brands provide very cheap and affordable Penny Board with reasonable and high quality, so you do not waste your money. Thus, you will get a great and affordable cruiser board.

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